Introduction and Guide to Market Access

In the intricate landscape of medical device regulations, successfully bringing products to market requires a thorough understanding of the varying requirements in different regions.

This market access guide provides comprehensive insights into the European Union (EU), Switzerland, and the United Kingdom (UK) regulations, shedding light on crucial aspects such as Authorized Representatives, Importers, and other economic operators. 

Crafting your Marketing Strategy

A well-defined marketing strategy is the foundation for entering any market. It is essential to carefully consider the products you wish to sell and the targeted regions. While the instinct might be to reach every corner, strategic planning helps avoid unnecessary costs. 

 Post-Brexit, the complexity has increased, necessitating separate Authorized Representatives and Importers for each region. 

Understanding Economic Operators

Authorized Representatives

In the EU, a manufacturer outside the region must appoint an Authorized Representative.

The Authorized Representative, prominently identified on product labels, shoulders responsibilities such as verifying EU conformity, registration obligations, and cooperation with competent authorities. 

EU MDR Article 11: Key Responsibilities of Authorized Representatives

  • Verify the EU declaration of conformity and technical documentation. 
  • Keep copies of technical documentation and the EU declaration of conformity. 
  • Comply with registration obligations. 
  • Provide information to demonstrate device conformity. 
  • Forward requests from competent authorities to the manufacturer. 
  • Cooperate on preventive or corrective actions. 
  • Immediately inform the manufacturer about complaints and suspected incidents. 
  • Terminate the mandate if the manufacturer acts contrary to obligations. 


Importers situated within the EU play a pivotal role in ensuring products’ adherence to regulations before entering the market. They verify CE marking, proper labelling, and other compliance criteria.

Significantly, they are obliged to keep meticulous records and promptly address non-compliance concerns. 

EU MDR Article 13: Duties of Importers

  • Place on the market only devices in conformity with the regulation. 
  • Verify CE marking, EU declaration of conformity, and manufacturer’s identification. 
  • Ensure proper labeling and instructions for use. 
  • Verify UDI assignment by the manufacturer. 
  • Maintain a register of complaints, non-conforming devices, recalls, and withdrawals. 
  • Cooperate with authorities on corrective actions. 
  • Inform the manufacturer and authorities about non-compliance and serious risks. 

The European Market

EU MDR 2017/745 and IVDR 2017/746

For medical devices and in-vitro diagnostics, compliance with EU MDR and IVDR is paramount. Manufacturers must meticulously follow the regulatory requirements outlined in these legislations.

Initiating with Article 10 and ensuring conformity with EU standards is the cornerstone. 

EU MDR Article 10: General Obligations of Manufacturers

  • Verify compliance with legislation, specifically EU MDR or IVDR Article 10. 
  • Comply with the requirements of EU MDR or IVDR Article 10 for economic operators. 
  • Provide necessary information to authorized representatives and importers. 

Authorized Representative

The EU Authorized Representative must be well-versed in EU MDR and IVDR requirements. The role encompasses tasks from verifying documentation to cooperating with authorities.

Transparency is critical, with the Authorized Representative’s details prominently displayed on product labels. 


Importers act as the last line of defence before products hit the market. As per Article 13, their verification processes ensure that only compliant devices enter the EU.

The importer’s role includes handling complaints, cooperating with competent authorities, and maintaining a comprehensive register. 

EUDAMED Registration

EUDAMED, the European Database for Medical Devices, plays a pivotal role in the regulatory landscape. Manufacturers, Authorized Representatives, Importers, and other entities must register in EUDAMED to obtain the Single Registration Number (SRN).

This digital hub facilitates information exchange, ensuring transparency and traceability. 

EUDAMED Registration Process

EUDAMED, the European Database for Medical Devices, is pivotal for transparent information exchange among stakeholders. The registration process involves: 

1. Identify your Role

Determine if you’re a Manufacturer, Authorized Representative, or Importer, each with unique responsibilities.

2. Access EUDAMED

Create an account on the user-friendly EUDAMED platform

3. Provide Details

Enter essential company information and specify your role.

4. Verification

Undergo a verification process to confirm the legitimacy 

5. Get SRN

Receive a Single Registration Number (SRN) upon successful verification.

6. Maintain Compliance

Regularly update the information to stay compliant. 

7. Information Exchange

Utilize EUDAMED for efficient information exchange with authorities and stakeholders. This streamlined process ensures regulatory compliance and facilitates seamless interaction within the EU’s medical device landscape. 



Switzerland, no longer part of the Mutual Recognition Agreement, mandates manufacturers outside the EU to appoint Authorized Representatives and Importers within Switzerland. The regulations mirror EU MDR and IVDR, emphasizing compliance. 

Differences in Switzerland

While Switzerland aligns closely with EU regulations, distinctions exist. The CH-REP symbol stands in for the EC REP symbol, and a unique registration process, distinct from EUDAMED, adds a layer of complexity. 

UK Market Access: Navigating the Post-Brexit Scenario

The UK Responsible Person

Post-Brexit, the UK Responsible Person assumes a role akin to the EU Authorized Representative. The UK MDR 2002 sets out responsibilities, emphasizing conformity checks, complaint management, and immediate reporting of non-compliance. 

UK MDR 2002 Responsibilities of the UK Responsible Person

  • Ensure the declaration of conformity and technical documentation are in order. 
  • Keep copies of technical documentation and the declaration of conformity. 
  • Provide information to demonstrate device conformity to the MHRA. 
  • Cooperate with the MHRA on preventive or corrective actions. 
  • Immediately inform the manufacturer about complaints and suspected incidents. 
  • Terminate the legal relationship if the manufacturer acts contrary to obligations. 

Symbolic Absence

Unlike the EU, the UK lacks a designated symbol for the Responsible Person. The absence prompts a textual mention on labels. Notably, this requirement applies to UKCA-marked products post-Brexit. 


Navigating the regulatory landscape for medical devices demands a nuanced understanding of region-specific requirements.

From strategic marketing planning to compliance with EU, Swiss, and UK regulations, this guide provides a detailed roadmap for manufacturers aiming to ensure seamless market access while embracing the intricacies of post-Brexit realities.

EUDAMED is a pivotal component, serving as the digital nexus for regulatory information exchange, ensuring compliance and traceability.