Cosmetics Registration in Uruguay

Regulatory Authority:

Technological Laboratory of Uruguay (LATU)

Link for RA:

Local regulation:

MERCOSUR legislation

Who can register :  

Data to be communicated : 

  • The qualitative-quantitative formula in INCI
  • The function of the formula’s ingredients
  • For the ingredients, the bibliography and a reference (only if the ingredient has no INCI name)
  • Raw material organoleptic and physicochemical requirements
  • If applicable, raw material microbiological specifications
  • End-product organoleptic and physicochemical parameters
  • If applicable, the end product’s microbiological specifications
  • Manufacturing methods
  • Packaging materials technical requirements
  • Results of product stability tests
  • Codification system of the batch number
  • Artwork for the label
  • Data to back up product claims
  • Data on safety in usage
  • The product’s intended use
  • Working Permit (from the Brazilian company responsible for the product)
  • Original formula


There is no centralised authority in Uruguay in charge of product registration permission. The authority that grants that permission will be determined by the type of goods you want to register and the department (state) in which you are doing business.

There is no uniform method to follow in Uruguay because there is no centralised authority for product registration. However, in general, that process involves:

  • Company incorporation in Uruguay

One of the simplest ways to get your product registered is to form a company in the country, which will put you in an excellent position to obtain permission to import and commercialise your product.

  • Application/ State examination

The state body in charge of examining your product’s registration will require you to fill out the documentation that includes your company’s and personal details and information about your product. You may be requested to describe the product’s components or offer further information, especially if it is intended for human use.

These agencies will assess the information submitted, examine the product, and permit the product’s registration in Uruguay if they agree that all requirements have been completed and there is no risk of introducing the product into the nation. In most cases, such a permit will be good for ten years.

  • Import your product

You can begin the import process once you have completed product registration in Uruguay and are free to bring the goods to market. You will need the help of a customs broker for all imports, as their participation is required in every import and export procedure in Uruguay.

Timeframe and fees: 

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