Cosmetics Registration in Trinidad

Regulatory Authority:

Ministry of the Attorney General and Legal Affairs

Link for RA:

Local regulation:


Who can register :  

Declaration by manufacturer and certificate in respect of imported foods, drugs, cosmetics, or devices. 

Data to be communicated : 

  • Maintenance of standards for cosmetics.
  • Prohibition against unsanitary conditions as regards cosmetics


  • Any inspector, if so authorised by the Minister, has the authority to examine any Customs entries of food, drugs, or cosmetics imported into Trinidad and Tobago, as well as any documents relating to the export of food, drugs, or cosmetics, and to take samples and submit them to an analyst for analysis or examination.
  • Persons selling food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, or devices must keep such books and records as may be prescribed or as the Minister deems essential for the proper enforcement and administration of this Act and the Regulations.
  • Providing for the analysis and inspection of food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and industrial items at the request of members of the public and prescribing a fee schedule for the analysis and examination.
  • When a sample of food, drug, cosmetic, or device is taken, the inspector must deliver the sample to an analyst for evaluation or analysis as quickly as possible.
  • A certificate required must be issued in English by an official body or government department with authority to do so in the country where the food, drug, cosmetic, or device was manufactured or produced; if no official body or government department has authority to issue such a certificate, the certificate may be issued by any person acceptable to the Minister.

Timeframe and fees: 

  1. Inspection of the finished product’s label (TT$30.00).
  2. Sanitation certificate (TT$75.00).
  3. Certificate for goods exportation (TT$75.00).
  4. Certificate of Goods Sale in Trinidad and Tobago (TT$75.00).
  5. Certificate for goods destruction/disposal (TT$100.00)

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