Quality Policy

Quality Policy

OMC Medical Limited – Quality Policy

OMC Medical Limited aims to achieve “CUSTOMERS SATISFACTION “by providing reliable consulting and regulatory services which consistently meet
customer requirements as well as regulatory requirements with stable quality for project submission by:

➢ Timely completion of the project;
➢ Consistent quality at competitive price;
➢ Following latest applicable regulatory and statutory requirements” covers not just ISO but all the applicable legal and regulatory.

OMC Medical Limited consistently strive to meet customer expectations and is committed to satisfy its customer by delivering service with required degree of perfection in relation to predetermined standards and sections. Customer satisfaction is vital to our business and we have adopted unique service quality objective strategies within our company. This philosophy guides how we interact with our employees, our clients and underscores the importance of our commitment to quality. These processes also enable our customers to provide their perceptions and satisfaction on activities performed. This information is used proactively to drive improvement within our business. We shall always strive to share a long lasting and growing relationship with our customers.

OMC Medical Team