Bahrain NHRA

Bahrain NHRA

Bahrain NHRA – Medical Device Regulation

Regulatory Authority of Bahrain: Pharmaceutical Product Regulatory Office, National Health Regulatory Authority

Link for Regulatory Authority:

Local Regulation:

  • NHRA Law (38), Article 4-B-8: Ensure that all used Medical Devices are inline with International Quality Standards.
  • Law No. (38) for the year 2009: Stablishing the National Organization for the Regulation of Occupations and Health Services.
  • Law-Legislative Decree No. (21) for the year 2015: On Private Health Facilities

Local Listing or Registration

Registration of all medical device is necessary.

Medical devices Classification

Class I, II and III/ IVD A, B, C, D

Documents required for Registration in Bahrain NHRA

  • Technical Details
  • Artwork i.e. Label of the Medical Device
  • Agreement or Authorization
  • Letter issued by the legal manufacturer
  • Instruction for use (IFU)
  • Field Safety Notice Records affecting Bahrain Market.
  • List of End-users in case the medical device exists in the Bahrain market.
  • Quality Management System Certificate (QMS) – ISO 13485 for the Physical manufacturer issued by SFDA with the address matching requirement number
  • Quality Assurance Certificate (QAC)
  • Free Sale Certificate (FSC)
  • Declaration letter that includes the risk classification and the GMDN code issued by the legal manufacturer.
  • If the medical device contains animal tissue/medicines, a letter issued by the legal manufacturer stating that the product is free from porcine derivatives is required (Not applicable for In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Medical devices)

Registration can be only done by

Registered Authorised Representative

Process of Registration for Bahrain NHRA

  • Set an appointment with NHRA using Appointy system for submitting registration form and documents listed.
  • NHRA will review the application in 6-8 weeks and after verification NHRA will issue a Registration Certificate.

Validity of Certificate 

Minimum 1 year and up to 5 years based on the validity of the submitted QAC.


Not implement yet

Language requirement

Arabic or English.

What We Offer?

  • Assist you with technical documentation required for registration
  • Register your medical devices
  • Keep you up to date with the Bahrain regulatory requirement.
  • Help you with translation of User Manual and Labelling

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