Cosmetics Registration in Saudi Arabia

Regulatory Authority:

Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA)

Link for RA:


Local regulation:

GSO 1943/2016

Who can register : 

International cosmetic companies must sign with a local distribution company to register their manufacturers and products at the SFDA

 Data to be communicated : 

  • Completed Request for Certification (RFC)
  • Proforma/final invoice
  • eCosma numbers for all products
  • Batch numbers for all products
  • Importer’s warehouse licence number
  • Documents of technical nature (test reports, ingredient lists, specifications sheets, analysis reports, product labels, PIF, etc.)
  • ISO 17025 approved laboratory test reports
  • GMP certification / Quality Management System documentation


It is not mandatory to register cosmetic products before import at the SFDA. There is an electronic system for registration that conditions for import.

  • The Importer must have a Saudi Food and Drug Authority account (SFDA).
  • GSO Technical Regulation GSO 1943/2021 must be followed by all products.
  • Cosmetics and perfumery products must be registered and reported using the SFDA’s “E-Cosma” electronic system.
  • The Importer must have a valid Commercial Registration Certificate which includes Cosmetics Trade as a registered commercial activity.
  • The FASEH platform should be used to submit the conformance request.

Timeframe and fees: 

The SFDA does not charge any costs for cosmetics registration (notification/listing).

The SFDA takes 15 working days to evaluate cosmetic products.

Additional information:  

Companies can use eCosma to register cosmetics, renew licences, and request variations and upgrades. Cosmetics do not require an official registration certificate from the SFDA. After they evaluate and accept the profile, they issue an approval notice number in the system.