Cosmetics Registration in Morocco

Regulatory Authority:

Ministry of Health, Morocco

Link for RA: 

Local regulation:

Circular N°79 DMP/00

Who can register :  

  • Manufacturers
  • Importers

Data to be communicated : 

  • Corporate identity 
  • Product identification 
  • Certificate of free sale  
  • Poison control and pharmacovigilance centre acknowledgement letter
  • Raw materials monographs and specifications 
  • Microbiological specifications  
  • Analytical results of the finished products  
  • Poison control and pharmacovigilance centre acknowledgement letter
  • Name and addresses of the qualified and responsible persons 


Cosmetic products will now be required to be registered before being sold in Morocco.

To be registered, a cosmetic product must meet the circular’s requirements, particularly safety, composition, and labelling. The product’s maker, packer, or importer must also have declared their activity and have some certified personnel in charge of quality control and product safety evaluation. 

The registration file is divided into two sections: administrative and technical. A certificate of free sale and an acknowledgement letter from the poison control and pharmacovigilance centre must be included in the administrative section and the typical elements (company identity, product identification, etc.). The technical team provides information such as the product’s qualitative and quantitative composition, raw materials monographs and specifications, microbiological specifications, finished product analytical results, qualified and responsible persons’ names and addresses, claim substantiation, etc. 

Timeframe and fees: 

The marketing authorisation is valid for five years after it is issued. The renewal application must be submitted three months before the expiration date.

Additional information: