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OMC Medical Set to Attend KIMES, Invites Participants to Meet at UK Pavilion for Uninterrupted Market Access Solutions 

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – February 21, 2024 – OMC Medical, a leading provider of regulatory support and market access solutions for medical device, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical manufacturers, announces its participation in the Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show (KIMES) from March 14 to March 17, 2024. The event, one of the largest medical exhibitions in Asia, will be held at COEX in Seoul, South Korea. 

OMC Medical extends a warm invitation to all KIMES attendees to visit their booth at the UK Pavilion, where they will showcase their comprehensive range of services aimed at facilitating global market entry for manufacturers in the medical industry.  

KIMES is a crucial platform for professionals and organizations within the medical sector to explore the latest innovations, network with industry peers, and foster collaborations. This year’s event promises to bring together a diverse array of participants, including medical professionals, researchers, manufacturers, and regulatory experts, all eager to stay abreast of advancements in healthcare technology. 

Attending KIMES presents an invaluable opportunity for stakeholders to gain insights into emerging trends and regulatory requirements shaping the global medical market. Moreover, it offers a conducive environment for forging strategic partnerships and expanding business horizons. 

OMC Medical specializes in assisting medical device, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical manufacturers in navigating the complex landscape of local regulatory processes worldwide. By serving as their trusted local representative or authorized representative, OMC ensures seamless compliance with regulatory standards, thus enabling uninterrupted market access. 

Unlike traditional distributor models, which often entail frequent changes and license instability, OMC Medical offers a stable and reliable partnership, empowering manufacturers to maintain consistent revenue streams and overcome the challenges associated with market access disruptions. 

At KIMES 2024, OMC Medical will be on hand to demonstrate how their tailored solutions can streamline the market entry process, mitigate regulatory risks, and maximize business opportunities for participants across the globe. 

For more information about OMC Medical and their participation in KIMES 2024,  contact their team directly at [email protected] 

OMC Medical 将在 KIMES 2024 展示全球市场准入的解决方案 

Gayathri Ganesan预订时间:KIMES展会  

OMC Medical将参加KIMES,邀请与会者在英国馆会面,以获得市场准入的解决方案  

韩国首尔 – 2024年2月21日 – OMC Medical是为医疗器械、化妆品和药品制造商提供监管支持和市场准入提供解决方案的领先供应商。OMC Medical宣布参加 2024314日至317日举行的韩国国际医疗器械及实验室展览会(KIMES)。该活动是亚洲最大的医疗展览之一,将在韩国首尔的COEX举行。 

OMC Medical热烈邀请所有KIMES与会者访问我们在英国馆的展位,我们将展示全面的服务,旨在促进医疗行业制造商进入全球市场。  



OMC Medical专注于协助医疗器械、化妆品和药品制造商,并应对全球当地复杂的监管流程。作为其值得信赖的当地代表或授权代表,OMC确保遵守监管标准,并实现快速的市场准入。 

与传统的代理模式不同,由于频繁的变更,传统的代理模式会造成产品许可证的不稳定。OMC Medical提供了稳定可靠的合作伙伴关系,使制造商能够保持稳定的收入来源,并克服市场准入的挑战。 

OMC Medical将在KIMES 2024现场展示其定制化的解决方案如何简化市场准入流程,降低监管风险,并为全球参与者带来最大的商机。 

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