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Cambodia Drug Product Registration

Safeguarding Public Health Through Comprehensive Regulation

MoH: Ministry of Health, Cambodia

MoH Website:

Regulatory Authority: The Ministry of Health, Cambodia and Department of Drugs and Food (DDF)  

Regulatory Authority website:

Local Authorised Representative: Yes

Free sale Certificate: Yes

Registration validity: 3 years

Renewal of registration: 6 months before the expiration.

Timeline for approval: 3-6 moths (take longer based on documentation and MoH workload)


  • Pharmaceutical regulation in Cambodia is overseen by the Ministry of Health (MOH) through the Cambodia Food and Drug Department.
  • Under the Ministry of Health, the Department of Drugs and Foods (DDF) is the regulatory agency in charge of overseeing the quality, safety, and effectiveness of food, medicine, and cosmetics.
  • The Food and Drug Department has Five bureaus
  1. Registration and Cosmetics Bureau
  2. Essential Drugs Bureau
  3. Pharmaceutical Trade Bureau
  4. Drug Regulation Bureau
  5. Food Safety Bureau.
  • Regulators in Cambodia accept international registration papers and data from other nations due to the country’s low capacity and inadequate laboratory facilities.
  • A product can only be registered by a pharmaceutical manufacturer or a pharmacist.
  • Any individual, sponsor, or company that wants to import or sell medications into Cambodia must apply for a license through the Registration and Cosmetics Bureau of the MOH Department of medications and Food Administration.
  • The basic requirements for registration include
  1. Samples
  2. Certificate of Pharmaceutical Products (CoPP)
  3. Manufacturing License
  4. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certificate

Regulatory Guidelines:

  • Accepts ACTD format.
  • Form of submission: Hard copy and CD-ROM
  • Language for submission: English or Khmer

Cambodia Drug Registration Process

  • Companies can use the Cambodia Pharmaceutical Online Registration System (CamPORS), a MOH registration platform, to register their imported products online.
  • The documents required for registration include:
  1. Application form,
  2. GMP or ISO certificates,
  3. A free sale certificate,
  4. A letter of authorization,
  5. The product’s manual.

Generic drugs registration process in Cambodia

  1. The application and the required supporting documentation are sent to DDR.
  2. The authorities perform a pre-screening examination to ensure that the application is comprehensive before approving it.
  3. Following the pre-screening evaluation, the Subcommittee/committee reviews the whole application and all supporting documentation.
  4. The registration and cosmetics department then issues a decision following evaluation.
  5. If the authorities find any deficiencies in the application, it might be corrected.