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Taiwan: Safeguarding Public Health Through Comprehensive Regulation

MoH:Ministry of Health and Welfare Taiwan

MoH Website:

Regulatory Authority:Taiwan food and drug Administration

Regulatory Authority website:

Local Authorised Representative:Yes

Dossier Format:Common Technical Document (CTD)

Regulation: Pharmaceutical Affairs Act

Center for Drug Evaluation, Taiwan (CDE):

New Drug Application

  • A new drug application should follow the requirements according to the Regulations for Registration of Medicinal Products .
  • Applicants should provide enough information to support the safety and the efficacy of the new drug.
  • Also, there are expedited activities to provide access to medicines more quickly to assist patients in life-threatening situations.
  • NDA submissions Rules and Regulations
  • Application fees is given in Standards of Review Fees for the Registration of Western Medicines.

    New Drug Application Classification

  • New Drug: New Administration Routes, New Chemical Entities (NCE)、 and New Therapeutic Compounds*
  • Other New Drugs: New Dosage Form, New Dosing Regimens, New Strengths
  • Biological Products: Genetically Engineered Drugs, Biosimilar Products, Vaccines, Drugs Derived from Human Blood and Plasma AllergenicProducts, others.


    Forms and Submission Requirements
  • An applicant shall submit a New Drug Application with Form A and the Form B by referringNDA and BLA Refuse to File( RTF ) checklist
  • An applicant should submit the documents according to the Regulations for Registration of Medicinal Products and its appendices.
  • New Drugs: Appendix 2 and Appendix 3
  • Biological Products:Appendix 6 and Appendix 7
  • Radiopharmaceuticals:Appendix 10 and Appendix 11
  • To understand the NDA registration requirements, an applicant may apply for a Pre-NDA Meeting, Regulatory Consultation Services, or a Module-Based Rolling Review before submission.
  • An applicant should submit NDA via
  • PDF format in CTD specifications
  • The electronic dossier by the TFDA eCTD Builder

    New Drug Application Review Time

  • NCE/ Biological Products: 360 Days
  • Non-NCE with clinical efficacy and safety data: 300 Days
  • Non-NCE without clinical efficacy and safety data: 200 Days

    Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA)/ Generic Drugs