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South Africa Medical Device Regulation

South Africa Medical Device Regulation  

Overview on Medical Device Registration and Complaint Reporting regarding Medical Devices in South Africa

Updated On: 24/01/2024

Regulatory Authority: South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA)

The South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) is an entity of the National Department of Health, created by the South African government to ensure that the health and well-being of human and animal health are at its core.

SAHPRA is a Schedule 3A public entity that is responsible for:

  • the regulation of health products intended for human and animal use;
  • the licensing of manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors of medicines and medical devices; radiation emitting devices and radioactive nuclides;
  • the conduct of clinical trials in a manner that is compatible with the national medicine policy.

The Medical Devices Unit of SAHPRA regulates the licensing of medical device establishments and the registration of medical devices (In vitro diagnostics (IVDs) and non-IVD medical devices) in South Africa to ensure the availability of medical devices that comply with an acceptable level of safety, quality, and performance.

Link for Regulatory Authority: https://www.sahpra.org.za/medical-devices/#:~:text=The%20medical%20device%20unit%20of,level%20of%20safety%2C%20quality%20and

Legislation: Medicines and Related Substances Act, 1965 (Act No. 101 of 1965)

Local Regulation: Regulations relating to Medical Devices and IVDs, published in the Government Gazette No. 40480, on the 09 December 2016.

Classification:  Class A, B, C and D

Registration Of Medical Devices

The registration process for medical devices is still in development.

A Registration Call-Up Plan will be published to inform stakeholders of the phased approach in which medical devices will be called up for registration. This plan will specify the type and class of medical devices that will be prioritised and called up sequentially. SAHPRA will implement reliance pathways in the registration of medical devices based on the verification of registration of medical devices in other recognised jurisdictions including Australia, United States, European Union, Brazil, Canada, Japan and or pre-qualification of IVDs by the World Health Organization.

Process Flow

Listing or Registration Requirements:

  • Appoint an authorized representative (AR) in South Africa. AR submits application to the Council.
  • Prepare necessary documentation including Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) and Declaration of Conformity (DoC).
  • Demonstrate the device meets Essential Principles
  • Demonstrate conformity by applying to a Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) or International Notified Body for the CA certificate.
  • If the application is successful and CA certificate is granted the RA will now prepare Declaration of Conformity (DoC).

Documents Required:

  • Completed application form 41BM-1(IMP)
  • Color brochure (including technical specifications); and
  • Letter of appointment as authorized representative of the original manufacturer; and
  • Copy of the EC Certificate(s) issued by a recognized Notified Body to the original manufacturer in terms of EC Directive 93/42/EEC or 90/385/EEC (whichever one is applicable); and
  • Copy of the EC Declaration of Conformity issued by the original manufacturer in terms of EC Directive 93/42/EEC or 90/385/EEC (whichever one is applicable).

Registration Timeline: SAHPRA License:

  • Regular pathway based on the actual experience: 6-8 weeks
  • Radiation Control License: 30 days
  • Official published timeline for expedited regulatory pathway during COVID-19 pandemic: 10-15 working days

Registration Fee:

  • Initial Registration (including radiation control license if applicable): USD 1010
  • Annual Fee: R25 200

License Validity: 5 Years

Special Requirements: All documents should be submitted in English

Complaints Relating to Medicine and Medical Devices:


Who should make this communication:

  • Manufacturer
  • Authorized Representative

When to make this communication: Before placing a medical device into the market.

How OMC Medical can assist you with the process

  • Act as your Authorized representative

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