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New Zealand Cosmetic Product Registration


Regulatory Authority

New Zealand Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Authority (Medsafe)

Link for Regulatory Authority

Local Regulation

Cosmetic Products Group Standard 2006

Who can Register?

  • Manufacturer

Process to Register Cosmetic Product

In New Zealand, there is no approval or registration process for cosmetics that match these criteria. The sponsor’s responsibility is to ensure that the cosmetic is of acceptable quality and is safe to use. 

Any person seeking to import or manufacture a cosmetic product containing nanomaterials other than zinc oxide or titanium dioxide into New Zealand, when they first import or manufacture the substance, must notify the Authority in writing— 

    • The name of the substance
    • The HSNO approval number and title of the group standard under which the substance has a deemed approval
    • The nature of the nanomaterials the substance contains

Additional Information

The labels and claims review consist of a report containing all the information that  must appear on the labelling material:

  • Required elements
  • Presence of required elements (primary packaging, secondary packaging & leaflet)
  • Final INCI list
  • Claims
    1. Conclusion of each claim
    2. Expert comments –strategic recommendations are provided for label updates.
  • In January 2024, the regulations governing the importation or production of cosmetics were revised in the Cosmetic Products Group Standard. Individuals involved in the importation or production of cosmetics containing hazardous components must adhere to the updated requirements.
  • Revisions have been made to Schedules 4–8 of the group standard, which outline specific regulations concerning ingredients utilized in cosmetics. These modifications primarily aim to harmonize these schedules with regulations established in Europe. Additionally, Schedules 4–8 have been consolidated into a single document with the group standard. The schedule revisions include:
  • Schedule 4: Prohibited Ingredients (Usage of these ingredients is strictly prohibited). 
  • Schedule 5: Restricted Ingredients (Additional regulations apply to these ingredients). 
  • Schedule 6: Approved Colorants.
  • Schedule 7: Approved Preservatives.
  • Schedule 8: Approved UV Filters.

The process of eliminating Perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) from cosmetic products in Aotearoa New Zealand is underway. PFAS has been included in Schedule 4, Table 2 of the group standard. Cosmetic products containing PFAS ingredients will undergo an extended transition period. 

The group standard now mandates that any cosmetic product containing a hazardous ingredient must comply, irrespective of whether the final product poses a hazard. While not mandatory, adherence to the group standard is still strongly recommended for all cosmetic products.