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Medical Device Registration in Japan

Ministry of Health: 

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan (MHLW)

Regulatory Authority:       

Pharmaceuticals and Devices Agency (PMDA)

Medical Device Regulation:

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act

Official Language:   



Class I, II, III and IV

Registration Process:       

  • Class I – PreMarket Submission (Todokede). Only Notification, no review or assessment by PMDA will be conducted
  • Class II and some Class III – Premarket Certification (Ninsho). Devices associated with certification standards (JIS) are subjected to Premarket Certification. MAH files the application with the Registered Certification Body (RCB)
  • Class III and Class IV – Premarket Approval (Shonin). Devices which are not associated to any certification standard are subject to this process. MAH files a premarket approval application with the PMDA and obtains approval from the MHLW

Documents Required:      

Depends on the class of the device:

  • Development history (previous device versions, global authorizations)
  • Product specifications
  • Stability studies data
  • Compliance with the applicable standards and essential principles
  • Performance test data
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Manufacturing (process, supervision, sterilization)
  • Clinical data                                                      

Applicable QMS:    

ISO 13485

Registration Timeline:      

Pre-market certification application : 3 months

Application Processing: 6 – 36 months

Authorized Representative:        

Yes. Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH)

License Validity:     


Special Notes:       

Official documents, Package inserts and Labels must be submitted in Japanese

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