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Your focus is on providing patients the best possible care and we’re here to help. To complement our comprehensive menu of tests, we provide resources to registered healthcare professionals to support your testing needs.

A Trusted Healthcare Partner Providing You With High Quality Test Services to Manage All Health Effectively!

With a belief that knowledge is power, we connect our patients directly with their results so they have valuable health information when they need it most, care about our people and are committed to excellence in the work we do for people to grow and strive for excellence.
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While we believe we are more than just numbers, the depth of our laboratories is pretty impressive.
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OMC Medical
Your Trusted Partner in Medicine Tesing!

Unwavering Commitment to Excellence and Quality of our Tests and Results.

With the support of our diagnostics capabilities to deliver drug trials that are both reliable and rigorous to support research efforts.

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Your focus is on providing patients the best possible care and we’re here to help.

Research & Technology

Medical Device & IVD

OMC Medical offers regulatory support to assist MedTech companies in ensuring the safe and effective use of medical devices for local and international markets.
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Regularity Compliance

We understand that navigating compliance requirements can be intricate and demanding, and that's why we are dedicated to simplifying the process for you.
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Cosmetics Registration

Our team of experts possesses extensive knowledge in the intricate landscape of cosmetic regulations, enabling us to navigate diverse jurisdictions with precision and efficiency.
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Global Translations Service

Our mission is to facilitate international collaboration by providing top-notch translation solutions. Whether it's legal documents, technical manuals, marketing materials, or any other content
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