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Iceland Cosmetic Product Registration


Regulatory Authority

The Icelandic Environment Agency  

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Local Regulation

European Union (EU) Cosmetics Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009

Who can Register? 

A responsible individual could act as a producer within the European Economic Area (EEA), an importer of goods originating from nations outside the EEA, or a distributor when introducing a product under their own name or brand or modifying the product already in circulation.

Data to be Communicated

All cosmetics producers in Iceland must notify their cosmetics in the CPNP before they are marketed. Furthermore, a cosmetic product must be notified into CPNP when it is imported for the first time into the EEA. 

The following information must be submitted through the CPNP:

  • Product details
  • Label information.
  • Responsible Person details
  • Manufacturing information
  • Safety Assessment Report

The production of cosmetics requires licensing from the local health inspectorate. Additionally, in Iceland, both the production and marketing of cosmetic products must adhere to the regulations. Below are the fundamental requirements that a producer or responsible individual for a cosmetic product must consider when introducing it to the market within the EEA:

  1.   Electronically notify the product in the CPNP (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal) prior to market placement.
  2.  Ensure that the product only contains permissible cosmetic ingredients.
  3.  Verify compliance with chemical content restrictions outlined in the Annexes of the Cosmetics Regulation.
  4.  Maintain a product information file containing a safety report and product safety assessment.
  5.  Ensure production aligns with good manufacturing practices, obtainable from the Icelandic Standard Council and online.
  6. Ensure packaging of the cosmetic product complies with Article 3 of national regulation no. 577/2013 and Article 19 of Cosmetics Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009.
  7.  List all ingredients according to the global cosmetic nomenclature system, INCI.
  8. Refrain from making claims about drug actions or healing powers on the packaging. Products making such claims fall under the jurisdiction of the Icelandic Medicines Agency and must be classified and marketed as drugs.

Additional Information

The Icelandic Chamber of Commerce (Viðskiptaráð Íslands) issues “Certificate of Free Sales” for cosmetics at a request. Labelling of cosmetic products shall be in Icelandic, English or Nordic language other than Finnish. However, certain labelling concerning conditions of use and warnings shall be in Icelandic. 

Following information shall be included on a label or a leaflet:

  • Name of the cosmetic product. 
  • Function of the cosmetic product unless it is clear from its presentation. 
  • Name and address of the responsible person.
  • Country of origin of the cosmetic product if imported into the EEA. 
  • Nominal content at the time of packaging (weight or volume). 
  • Date of minimum durability. 
  • Wordings of conditions of use and warnings in Icelandic according to Icelandic translation of Annexes III.-VI. of the EC regulation of cosmetic products. 
  • Batch number of manufacture.
  • List of ingredients (INCI name or other approved nomenclature). All nanomaterials shall be specified. Perfume and aromatics shall be referred to by the terms “perfume” or “aroma”.