Cosmetics Registration in Vietnam

Regulatory Authority:

Drug Administration of Vietnam (DAV) under the Vietnam Ministry of Health (MOH)

Link for RA:

Local regulation:

ASEAN Cosmetic Directive

Who can register :  

Only the product registration holder is allowed to import products into Vietnam. An organisation or an individual who is the brand owner or appointed by the brand owner can register cosmetics in Vietnam. However, both must be involved in the cosmetics industry in Vietnam. 

As a result, to import and register cosmetics in Vietnam, you must first accompany someone who has permission to import cosmetics. The business must be registered as either a wholesale trade firm or a retail sales firm.

Data to be communicated : 

To proceed with your product registration in Vietnam, you must submit the following documents once you have established a firm in Vietnam or designated a nominated importer/registrar:

  • Legalised by a Vietnamese embassy overseas, a letter of attorney from the manufacturer or brand owner (in English or Vietnamese).
  • A recent Certificate of Free Sales (in English) must be legalised in the nation of origin.
  • Certificate of business registration
  • Product information:
  • Name of the company and the product
  • a list of hues or varieties
  • Type of product
  • Use in mind
  • Information from the manufacturer
  • Ingredients in their entirety (full 100 %, International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients)


Every cosmetic product imported and sold in Vietnam must first be registered, and each stock keeping unit (SKU) must be registered separately. In other words, if there are any variants in the shape, colour, or components of a cosmetic product, each variation must be registered as a separate item.

Timeframe and fees: 

The state charge is VND 500,000 (USD 21) per piece, and each item must be registered separately.

Cosmetic product registration in Vietnam takes 15-30 working days from the moment the application is submitted, and the registration is valid for five years.

Additional information: