Cosmetics Registration in


Regulatory Authority:

Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control (COSQC)

Link for RA:

Local regulation:

Law no. 54 of 1979 (Article 3/Clause 8)

Who can register :  

  • Manufacturer
  • Importer

Data to be communicated : 

  • A copy of the Proforma Invoice, if one is available
  • Production information (e.g., Lot Number, Production Date / Expiry Date, etc.)  
  • Product Data Sheet and product description
  • Test reports, Halal certificates, health and phytosanitary certificates, free-sale certificates, and so on are evidence of compliance.
  • If available, a transport document (Bill of Lading/Air Way Bill/CMR)
  • If available, a letter of credit (L/C)
  • Certificate of Country of Origin


Route A – Unregistered Products

(For Occasional Exporters)

All shipments of Regulated Products are required to have a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) to clear the shipments at the Ports/Borders of Iraq.  

The following steps are included in the evaluation process:

  • Physical inspection of goods, which includes checking product labelling, instruction manuals, packaging, and other necessary markings and physical requirements mandated by Iraqi Technical Regulations and Standards or, in the absence of Iraqi Technical Regulations and Standards, International Standards.
  • In the absence of valid Test Reports, current valid Test Reports are reviewed. An approved laboratory will test representative samples against the Iraqi Technical Regulations and Standards.

Route B – Registered Products 

(For Frequent Exporters) 

Under Route B, an Applicant is issued a registration that can be used for numerous shipments for a year from the date of issue:

  • Manufacturers and importers must show that their products meet Iraqi technical regulations and standards or international standards if none exist.
  • Before a Statement of Registration (SoR) is issued, the products must be determined to fulfil the required level of conformity.
  • based on a valid Statement of Registration (SoR) and successful selective inspection of shipments, a Certificate of Compliance (CoC) will be given.

Timeframe and fees: 


Shipment value*

USD 320

USD 0 – 80,000

0.40% of the shipment value

USD 80,001 – 200,000

USD 800 + 0.30% of the shipment value above USD 200,000

USD 200,001 – 1,000,000

USD 3,200 + 0.15% of the shipment value above USD 1,000,000

USD 1,000,001 and above



Additional information:  

The Certificate of Conformity is required to ensure smooth Customs clearance of shipments at Iraqi Ports and Borders.

The authorities in Iraq will undertake random Shipment Surveillance on imported consignments to verify product compliance.