Cosmetics Registration in Chile

Regulatory Authority:

Institute of Public Health, ISP

Link for RA:


Local regulation:


Who can register:  

  1. Chilean legislation requires that cosmetics products be registered at the Institute of Public Health.
  2. The health authority also mandates that only companies -local or foreign – legally established in Chile may file for registration.

Data to be communicated : 

Product Information File:

  1. Product samples
  2. Complete qualitative and quantitative formula
  3. Quality specification
  4. Label written in Spanish
  5. Stability tests and quality control
  6. A free sale certificate granted by a state or federal authority in the United States is notarized and legalized at a Chilean Consulate.
  7. Name
  8. Cosmetic purpose
  9. Qualitative formula with ingredients in INCI nomenclature
  10. Information on the expiration date, storage precautions, and indications ISP registration approval number


Timeframe and fees: 

Additional information: