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Algeria Cosmetic Product Registration


Regulatory Authority

  • Ministry of Commerce

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Local Regulation

Decree of the Ministry of Commerce: This decree outlines the requirements and procedures for obtaining authorization for marketing cosmetic products in Algeria.

Who can Register?

Data to be Communicated

Producers and importers are now required to obtain authorization from the Ministry of Commerce before introducing any new product to the market. They must submit a dossier comprising twelve documents, which include:

  • Product name and designation
  • Relevant precautions, instructions, or usage information
  • Qualitative composition details and analytical quality of raw materials
  • Analysis and test results for raw materials and finished products.
  • Testing outcomes, especially concerning skin toxicity and mucosal effects
  • Batch identification method, labelling model, or draft.
  • Details of individuals responsible for manufacturing, packaging, importation, and compliance checks, including their names, positions, and professional qualifications.

This permit is issued upon “opinion of the Scientific and Technical Committee of the Algerian Agency for the control of quality and packaging”, with the selected criteria not being specified.

As per the decree, the Ministry of Commerce must decide to grant or deny permission for marketing within 45 days of receiving the application for authorization.

Process to Register Cosmetic Products

Timeframe and Fees

The processing time can vary, but it typically takes around 45 days after a complete application is submitted.

Additional Information

For cosmetics and hygiene products, Algeria requires a compulsory declaration of ingredients, and the formula must be submitted to a toxicology lab for analysis. Should the production be completed abroad, companies must forward the details of the toxicology lab handling the tests to the appropriate Algerian authorities.  

Cosmetic products must adhere to “halal” standards, meaning they must comply with the principles of the Muslim religion. It must be labelled in Arabic. This regulation is strictly enforced. Though not required, it is also helpful to label products in French.